Evertz Technology Service
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About Us

Services for the metallurgical industry

We offer the complete range of Evertz Group services abroad. ETS currently grinds (for AK-Steel) approximately 15,000 mo/to of high-grade steel (304) at a 45° angle. Our expertise has helped bring down the historical lamination rate. Additionally, we're in the process of setting up an operating site in Middletown, Ohio USA, for the fabrication of continuous-casting molds.

Services Sector Finishing-Shop Services

Whether you need grinding, scarfing or torch cutting, we can perform all the finishing- shop services for you. Wherever you are in the world, we'll be ready to help. 

Obtain detailed informationen about our services can be found at:

Continuous-casting service
  • Newly made continuous-casting molds of all kinds (pipe molds, continuous bloom and slab molds) with or without Evertz special nickel coating. Repair and coating of used mold plates.
  • Maintenance and repair of continuous casting machines or specific sections such as tundish, molds, segments, rollers