Evertz Group

Sustainability –  Development – Better Future

We are committed to continuously developing the outstanding quality of Evertz, which has inspired and satisfied our customers for decades, both nationally and internationally. Driven by this commitment, the Evertz third generation is already leading the company into a prosperous future.

Our products and services:

  • Continuous casting moulds and segments
  • Lifting electromagnets
  • Manual or machine flame scarfing
  • Grinding of slabs
  • Hydrotechnik

Mission & Vision

The strength of the Evertz Group is its ability to develop solutions for cost-saving services and innovative products.

The company was founded in 1956 by Egon Evertz, who was at the time only nineteen years old, to serve steel plants between Dortmund and Rheinhausen (Germany) by providing welding repair services.

One of these innovations was the change from hot welding to cold welding for the repair of ingot moulds in the steel plants. Egon Evertz was the first person to use this technique, but soon mould welding became a standard practice in steel plants worldwide and significantly reduced the consumption of moulds. After this successful beginning, the Evertz company expanded its services in the steel industry by adding numerous new activities and technologies. Today the Evertz Group holds several patents and similar intellectual property rights, and its products and services can be found throughout the steel production process.

There is no better economical alternative to the Evertz services!