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Evertz-Group auch 2015 wieder mit vielen Unternehmensbereichen auf der METEC vertreten.

"Gentle" 40-t slab turning Magnet and coil turning magnets with horizontal and vertical axis handling.

Selective Descailing for Strip Mills.

Egon Evertz KG offers coatings for increased operating life of copper moulds.

Latest innovations in water-hydraulic descaling offer enormous savings potential.
At their new production and development location constructed in 2012 in Betzdorf / Sieg, EVERTZ HYDROTECHNIK develops and manufactures innovative valve technology and complete systems with the focus on descaling and roll cooling. In view of the constantly advancing globalization and related, ever-growing and intensifying competitive pressure, there is a definite trend towards increasingly more sturdy and energy-optimized systems. Under this aspect, there have been numerous product improvements and diverse new developments with great success at EVERTZ in recent years.

Developments in the sector of selective descaling should be mentioned here in particular as the advantages are obvious and plain to see at all times. Along with the great potential of reduced energy costs, this system offers the highest possible degree of flexibility in product mix as well as a minimum of maintenance costs for the user. Whilst standard descaling systems always descale across the complete strip width or are designed – as in the case of more modern systems – for a maximum of two strip widths, ESD (Evertz Selective Descaling) creates new possibilities with its complete individuality. In conjunction with the control computer, in this case only the strip width that is really required for descaling is started up. The sheer figures underline the potential of this technology. With an ESD designed for 2 m strip width, it was possible to save around 320 kW of power on each ESD with a strip width of 1.5 m. Five of the systems described have now been in service in a European rolling mill for a large number of years with great success. Selective use of pressurized water together with the minimized wear behaviour of the complete system underline impressively the necessity for such systems in the future. Increasing Copper Mould Operating Life

For more than 35 years the Evertz Group has been supplying coated continuous caster (CC) moulds to the steel industry worldwide.

Our innovative and unique "everlasting mould" offers steel makers increased operating life.

At the first METEC exhibition in 1979 Egon Evertz KG, (from Solingen), presented a large scale model of a CC mould on its stand. In November 1980 the world‘s first CC mould plates with Ni coating were successfully used in a curved continuous slab caster in a German steel mill. In February 1984 Mr. Egon Evertz gave a technical paper at the Duisburger Stranggießtage (CC days) in which the new technology was presented and explained. A copy of this paper can be obtained by contacting Evertz at the following email address:

Evertz has been undertaking mould plate revamps and coating applications through its USA subsidiary for more than 5 years.

In the USA our everlasting Cu to Cu coating innovation is patent protected, (under reference US 8,813.825).

EVERTZ Magnetbau – Quality is not a matter of chance

EVERTZ Magnetbau GmbH & Co. KG (which is part of the Evertz Group), has been active in the field of lifting magnets since 1986 and possesses extensive experience and expertise in the construction of electro-magnets. The company is certificated and compliant with ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

EVERTZ Magnetbau GmbH & Co. KG designs and manufactures electro-magnets, customized power supply systems compliant with DIN EN 13155 including load rectifiers and back-up batteries as well as cross-beams according to crane construction standards. Evertz supplies complete turn key solutions for the handling of ferromagnetic loads … safely, quickly and economically.

The magnet housings are manufactured either from castings (material GS 45) or alternatively from a robust steel structure (material S355J2G3) with high magnetic conductivity properties. The most important component of any electro-magnet is the induction coil which can be made of copper or aluminium.

Our lifting magnets are designed for the tough and arduous operating conditions that are commonplace in today’s heavy industries. We strive to achieve the highest levels of quality to ensure that our customers get maximum service lives from our magnets.

Magnet systems represent the most rational and efficient solution for the lifting and handling of ferromagnetic loads. Picking up and releasing products can be achieved more rapidly and more safely compared to conventional lifting equipment. The large load contact area prevents damage. Denser storage space occupancy and optimum working safety are further advantages.

Evertz produces a complete range including round, rectangular, slab, coil, scrap, billet and special magnets. In addition to the EVERTZ standard magnets special one-off magnets as well as complete systems can be designed and manufactured to meet specific customer requests. All magnets are designed in accordance with certified standards and with double lifting security in order to achieve maximum safety. In each case suspension of the magnets is matched to the particular client’s environment. Once again our highest priority is given to safety and customer satisfaction.

The result of a successful joint development with Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH

( SZFG ) and SZST ( Salzgitter Service und Technik GmbH ) produced our innovative "gentle" slab turning magnet. This magnet transports and turns slabs up to 40 tonnes and hot up to 500°C in a "gentle", jolt-free manner. In comparison with fixed hydraulic mechanical slab turners maintenance costs are eliminated and the cycle time shortened because turning can be carried out by the crane anywhere. Only a fraction of the procurement costs arise and in addition no foundation work is required. Maintenance of the turning system and disposal of the used hydraulic oil are eliminated.

Another EVERTZ Magnetbau innovation relates to several different coil systems which can turn coils using the crane – even while it’s moving. Coil weights up to 25 tonnes can be picked up and set down either in the horizontal or vertical plane. In this way the continuously increasing capacity can be readily handled and cycle times shortened. Here again the crane movements to a fixed coil turning device are eliminated, wage costs are reduced and damage to the coils from being picked up and put down several times eliminated. In addition to manufacturing new magnets, EVERTZ Magnetbau GmbH & Co.naturally also repairs electro magnets of any make or model. During the repair period we can lend you a temporary magnet from our range of stock. No matter whether it is for handling slabs or scrap, we hold available for our customers a wide range of loan magnets. These can be provided at short notice for bottlenecks or emergency situations. In this way smooth production is guaranteed for our customer's and production stoppages avoided. These loan magnets are - like all our magnets – fully tested, approved and ready for immediate use.

Finally EVERTZ Magnetbau can offer to check your current magnets and is available to assist you at any time for the preparation of internal testing instructions and procedures. ( "stahl und eisen" 6-7/2015 15. Juni 2015)