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Surface coatings

Copper mould

To extend the life of copper moulds a plating is required to coat the inside wall. The quality of the coating of the inside wall has a most significant role in determining a moulds service life. Over the years we have developed different coatings and improved continuously the quality and cost-efficiency of our continuous casting moulds.

  • Parallel coating

    Prevents direct contact between the strand and the copper, controls thermal losses (in all cases, not dissipation) by varying the thickness of the coating and improves service life. 

  • Multiple coating

    Compensates hot spots, improve service life. 

  • Partial parallel coating at the mould entrance or exit

    Entrance: Reduces heat dissipation in the upper areas of the mould, prevents overlapping and improves service life.


    Exit: Reduces heat dissipation at the mould end and improves service life.

  • Conical coating

    Controls heat dissipation along the length of the mould, improves service life.

Depending on the requirements different coating processes and materials have to be applied, to receive an optimal result. Available coating materials are Ag, Ni, Cr, Mo, CrO, ZrO, Al2O3. The coating is applied in a chemical, electrolytic or thermal process.


Continuous casting moulds - Shapes

We manufacture continuous casting mold tubes in copper and other commonly used copper alloys (Recommended materials are Sidex®, Cupragan® and Cupratherm®) . All types of cross sections, internal tapers and shapes which can be manufactured in our own planting facility.