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Billet grind-scalping

From good semi-finished products to excellent finished workpieces, Evertz technology puts you on the right road from the start.


All-round grind-scalping ensures cross-sectional accuracy and clearly defined drafting as the preconditions for high-grade forging. As part of its comprehensive range of services, Evertz Mechanical Engineering takes over all operating departments, such as finishing-line shops, flame-scarfing shops, grinding shops, slitting and cross-cutting shops, as well as the maintenance and repair services. Work is carried out with Evertz technology using our machines on-site or in our own production facilities. 


To ensure that the high requirements for billet grinding are met, the Evertz Group has introduced a new machining technology: grind-scalping for billets.

  • Adherence to contours
  • Precision drafting
  • Constant cross sections
  • Adherence to weight per meter
  • Constant weight when cold-cutting
  • Machining of round and square cross sections