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Driving technology systems

Road irrigation, water hazards & pump systems for driving experience centers, industrial test tracks, road safety training centers and racing equipment

  • In the roadway integrated water hazards
  • Production of animated water hazards, such as sine waves, pedestrian, person with strollers, etc. possible
  • Special long life valve technology for the production of water hazards
  • Road irrigation for driving experience centers, driving safety centers, industrial test tracks and racing equipment
  • Specific via mobile sprinkler irrigation to the roadway
  • Sprinkler nozzles with different spray angles for uniform road irrigation
  • Efficient, tailored to the particular application, pump systems
  • Commissioning and maintenance
  • Water hazards

    The Evertz Hydrotechnik water hazards simulate dangerous situations that can be experienced on the roads every day ...



  • Road irrigation

    The road watering Evertz Hydrotechnik simulate slippery roadways. Whether sprinkler or Source gutters ...



  • Submersible pump systems

    Matched to the desired operating point, selecting performance-optimized impellers, saving energy by pumping with frequency



  • Credentials

    As diverse as our services are our clients and the projects that we have developed for them. A small selection of our references we present here.