Magnet technology with new solutions

New solutions for magnet technology

Magnet systems are the most efficient solution for the lifting and transport of ferromagnetic loads. The lifting and release of the load is faster and safer than with conventional slinging methods. The large area of contact prevents damage. Other advantages are greater safety and the fact that the stores can be more densely loaded.


Evertz - Magnet Applications Solingen, an Evertz Group company, has vast experience in the field of magnet application.


Starting with the smallest systems featuring tolerances in the range of one-hundredth of a millimeter, such as in the field of brake solenoids, we continue to the standard series of circular magnets and rectangular lifting magnets light, normal and heavy versions and special designs, which always require new structural solutions. Our constant quest for innovation is exemplified by the coil magnet we developed. It's able to carry up to 50 coils with horizontal and/or vertical coil axis. Another special solution is our newest development: a magnet made for "gentle" slab turning.


If our standard magnets don't provide the optimal fit for your configuration, we will make you a cost-free, non-binding proposal for magnet systems that are specifically designed to meet your needs. The items we supply cover magnets, custom-made power supplies (with emergency generation battery if required), cross beams conforming to the crane-handling standard, cable wheels, etc. In short, we offer a complete range of accessories needed to handle ferromagnetic loads safely, quickly and economically.