Magnet technology with new solutions

Maintenance and repair services our products

  • Electrical and mechanical repair of our products and third-party brands
  • Modification of magnets changing the purpose of application
  • Cost-free delivery in Germany within 48 hours
  • Non-binding, cost-free quotation with itemized listing of the work to be performed
  • In a bottleneck situation, the appropriation of substitute magnets
  • Shortest repair times
  • Cost-free supply to the factory
  • Full warranty for components replaced by us

All welding at the magnets (i.e., the magnetic cross beams) is carried out by approved welders. To guarantee absolute safety (load handling attachment), we comply with the DIN 15 018 (crane-handling standard) and DIN 18 800 (highest verification of suitability for welding procedure). To guarantee absolute safety and quality, we have developed our own company standard.


We are eager to convince you of our performance and win you as a customer alongside the leading steel mills, trans-shipment companies and traders.


Talk to us. We'll submit a cost-free, non-binding offer for new magnets, special and complete solutions, or the repair of any brand.