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Flame scarfing machines

The flame scarfing machines we use were developed by Egon Evertz KG. We offer flame scarfing machines of all sizes and semi-automatic machines with a great diversity of programs - all with low-specific-energy consumption - featuring round or flat nozzles for any desired surface quality, high yield with the lowest scarfing losses, selectable scarfing patterns and scarfing widths. Slabs can be processed in any position, from flat to upright!


You only reach the top through competition. Whenever cost is a critical factor, all roads lead to Evertz.

Scarfing of slabs:

  • All-surface, narrow-face and selective scarfing at speeds between 8 and 25 m/min.
  • Scarfing widths from 100 mm to 450 mm
  • Water-cooled torches with customized designs ensure long service life
  • Fast ignition through iron-powder addition
  • Torch manipulation from right to left and immediately again from left to right guarantees up to twice the capacity with one-time ignition
  • Minimal ridge between the scarfing cuts. Scale-free surfaces thanks to a universal descaling system (proprietary process of Evertz Hydrotechnic)
  • Several selectable scarfing programs with the same torch, providing selection of the desired scarfing depth and other benefits


Scarfing times: Scarfing one broad face of an approx. 45 t slab, having a length of approx. 13 m, a width of 2000 mm and a thickness of 220 mm (= approx. 26 m2), takes approximately 6 minutes.

Capacities: Depending on the desired width of the cut, capacities of more than 100.000 t per month are possible.