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Manual and machine flame scarfing (hand scarfing)

  • Manual or machine flame scarfing (hand scarfing)
  • Complete or partial grinding of slab (depending on extent of defect)
  • Manual scarfing of either marked or prescribed areas
  • Scarfing quantity as prescribed by the customer
  • Plant equipment operated by our skilled workers
  • Spot scarfing
  • Helical line scarfing
  • Control-line scarfing
  • Edge scarfing
  • Scarfing quantity as prescribed by the customer
  • Window scarfing
  • Complete or partial scarfing of narrow sides
  • Decades of experience with patented scarfing methods, e.g., on the insides of ingot molds


Hand scarfing

We scarf for you - anywhere, anytime!

Egon Evertz KG has more than 40 years' experience handling issues in connection with the surface treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metal products. Evertz Scarfing Technology specializes in the scarfing of slabs using Egon Evertz flame scarfing machines.

Guaranteed Quality

The scarfing machines we use are rarely sold on the market. Usually we offer only a framework of complete service packages, including our own specially trained personnel and technology and maintenance and repair. That way we can guarantee the highest quality, performance and around-the-clock availability, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


The service is offered on a price per square meter or on a tonnage basis.


The customer is relieved from the duty of maintaining a permanent stock of spare parts, since Evertz keeps the necessary inventories of spare modules and even complete replacement machines. There is no more economical alternative to this Evertz program.