Jugend forscht 2022

They turn hemp into concrete and simulate driving

If one tried to describe the atmosphere in the Old Machine Hall, the word "bustling" would certainly apply. Pupils were everywhere, sometimes presenting their own project and then quickly looking back at the person opposite. A few parents and teachers mingled in between. The hustle and bustle was dominated by the 20 project works that were exhibited at the regional Jugend forscht competition.

In order to demonstrate their inquiring minds and scientific curiosity in front of a jury of experts, 34 students had registered, 19 of them from the Friedrich-Albert-Lange School (Fals) alone. Other participants came from the surrounding towns. In addition, those who were able to convince the jury with their ideas on Saturday were given the opportunity to compete in the state competition.

One of these research projects deals with the building of the future. Hemp concrete could offer a way out of the sand crisis, at least if Josephine Zimmermann and Marc Heitzer had their way. For the two 15-year-olds from the Fals, this could be an alternative that is also more stable than conventional concrete, as initial hypotheses suggested. "Hemp is more environmentally friendly and makes more ecological sense," explained Heitzer. That's why it makes sense to integrate it into construction in order to "drive forward the transformation of cities. Against this background, Zimmermann emphasized that it is "above all up to the young generation to do research in this direction".

Solinger Tageblatt from 07.03.2022