Grinding machines

In our grinding service centres located within the "ArcelorMittal" steelworks as well as at Langenfeld, we use our own state of the art machines for the grinding of ingots or continuous cast slabs and billets.

On our own in-house RSM machines we have the possibility to grind your ingots or continuous cast slabs in the cold as well as the hot condition and regularly process exotic alloy materials such as titanium and zirconium. Grinding is possible up to a width of 1500 mm, with a maximum weight of 25 tonnes. We can adapt our resources to match almost any required daily capacity.

For normal grinding of slabs we have a multitude of different machine designs, which allow processing up to a maximum weight of 18 tonnes.

For the grinding of billets on our machines, we offer pre-grinding as well as fine grinding. The special unique feature of our grinding process is that the billets are completely finished on each machine including deburring. The product turning is done automatically and processing square billets up to 220 mm is possible.