In our grinding service centres within the "ArcelorMittal" steelworks as well as at Langenfeld, we use our own state of the art machines for the grinding and cutting of ingot or continuous cast slabs and billets.

The disc cutting machines used in Duisburg can accommodate disc wheels up to 800 mm in diameter. In Langenfeld we use discs in diameter up to 1 260mm and 1 560mm. The maximum diameter for round products is 900 mm in Langenfeld. In Duisburg in our HZ3 service centre the maximum thickness for slabs is 250 mm.

In two separate locations within the "ArcelorMittal" steelworks we have several cutting machines. In Gebläsehalle we have several single cutting machines and in our hall called HZ3, a combination of grinding and cutting machines.

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