Magnet applications

Magnetic systems are the most efficient solution for lifting and transporting ferromagnetic products. Lifting and releasing loads is faster and safer than conventional solutions (with slings or chains). The large surface area contact avoids damaging the product. Having a greater bearing load factor (safety margin) and an increased lifting capacity ensures optimum safety.
EVERTZ - Magnetbau Solingen, part of the EVERTZ Group, has extensive experience in magnet design and construction. Our magnets run across the complete range of round and rectangular lifting magnets for light, normal and heavy design to special one-off designs.
New design solutions are always required for the unique applications. One such innovation is the coil magnet developed by Evertz, which can pick up coils weighing up to 36 tonnes either with the axis horizontal or vertical.

Another product extension in the field of coil handling and transport is a solution that can move coils weighing up to 25 tonnes in both axes, and also rotate them by 90° during the crane movements.
90° during the crane movements. This means that, for example, the coil can be picked up with its axis vertical, moved and then deposited directly with its axis horizontal, or vice versa.

This system has been in operation for several years at Tata Steel in the Netherlands.

Another special solution is our development of a slab transportation magnet for 'gentle' slab turning. With this type of magnet slabs can be safely turned and will never be dropped or fall off. This type of magnet has been used for over 20 years in various steel mills all over the world, e.g. Salzgitter Stahl Ag, ArcelorMittal, Ternium, Colakoglu, Voestalpine, etc.  

The above special Evertz solutions increase production, material throughput and also storage capacities within the steel mill.

If our standard magnets cannot be optimally integrated into your existing configuration, we will be happy to offer you magnet systems that are physically designed to precisely meet your purposes, free of charge and without obligation.

Our scope of supply includes the magnets, the customized power supply with an emergency battery if required, cross beams according to the crane construction standards, cable drums, ... etc. In short, Evertz can supply all the accessories needed to handle ferromagnetic products safely, quickly and economically.

In order to meet the increased safety requirements demanded by our customers, we have been manufacturing magnet systems in accordance with the official control category number 3 for many years.
These systems have also been in operation for years in many steel mills, e.g. Salzgitter Stahl AG, ThyssenKrupp, HKM, etc.

At the request of customers, we can also offer on-site magnet testing services.


Transport of coils up to 50 tonnes:
For the transport of coils with the winding axis vertical

  • the large surface contact area prevents any damage to the coil
  • more economical solution due to higher handling capacities and denser storage occupancy

Transport of coils with the winding axis horizontal:

  • the large surface contact area prevents any damage to the coil
  • more economical solution due to higher handling capacities and denser storage occupancy

Transport of coils with the winding axis horizontal and vertical:

  • safe transport of coils with the winding axis horizontal and vertical using one single magnet
  • the large surface contact area prevents any damage to the coil
  • more economical solution due to higher handling capacities and denser storage occupancy


Circular magnets are generally used for handling ferromagnetic bulk materials, (e.g. steel scrap, broken castings, chips, swarf, sheet metal waste) that have to be transported continuously with high production rates.
Evertz can offer a standard series and two high-performance series, as well as a series specially designed for mobile equipment (such as excavators), with different weights for the same diameters in order to propose maximum adaptability to existing crane systems.
The magnet housings are made of robust cast steel, with high magnetic conductivity, and are designed for rough and tough operation within the steel industry. We offer the highest quality which guarantees our customers maximum magnet service life.
Our magnets for scrap handling are designed with strong magnetic fields to allow deep penetration into bulk ferrous scrap materials. This ensures efficient magnet operation by picking up in one go the maximum amount of scrap. When the magnet is switched off, the counter-excitation of the coil is automatically activated. This ensures a minimum energizing and de-energizing time of the magnet coils.

Our magnet systems are characterized by simple installation and almost zero maintenance requirements.


Rectangular magnets can be used for handling slabs, billets, plates, pipes, bars, beams, sections and structural steels.
These magnets are matched in type and design to the customer's specific requirements and existing facilities.
Magnets for hot product handling with special heat insulation and protections, double cover plates or even water-cooled coils can also be readily provided by Evertz.
Our electromagnet solutions are characterized by simple installation and almost zero maintenance requirements.


  • Handling, transporting and ‘gentle’ turning of slabs
  • Zero surface damage to slabs due to the specially designed contact surface between the magnet and the slab. There is no large surface contact between the magnet with the slab itself
  • The slab does not fall or drop off during the 180° turning process
  • Impacts and shocks on the crane system are completely eliminated - huge cost saving for the customer on crane maintenance and repairs


  • The alternative to stationery and maintenance intensive hydraulic slab turning devices
  • Safe handling and turning of slabs of any weight and size


Welding technology

All welding work undertaken by Evertz on our magnets or magnet cross beams is carried out by certified experienced welders. In order to guarantee the highest level of safety (load handling devices), we have approval according to DIN 15 018 (crane construction standard) as well as approval according to DIN 1090-2 (large welding suitability certificate).


For emergency customer situations, we can provide replacement magnets on loan or on rental, as long as we have a suitable size available and that they can be integrated into your existing crane configuration.

We are also happy to offer used lifting electromagnets for sale. The critical components of these magnets are always brand new (e.g. the coil) and, as with all Evertz magnets, they come with a 2 year warranty.



  • Electrical and mechanical repair of our own but also other magnet brands
  • Reconstruction of magnets if required
  • Free collection within Germany within 48 hours
  • Non-binding and free preparation of a cost estimate with an itemized list of the work required
  • Provision of replacement magnets for emergency situations
  • Short repair times
  • Free delivery to your premises
  • Full warranty on the components replaced by Evertz


On request, we can supply you with a customized power supply and control system for your existing magnets.

Depending on the application of the magnets, the power supplies and control units are equipped with the following options:

  • Instantaneous magnet activation and demagnetisation
  • Temperature monitoring of the magnets
  • Regulated solenoid coil current
  • Charging rectifier and emergency back up battery