For more than 50 years, the Evertz Group has been serving the needs and requirements of steel mills all over the world, offering solutions - specializing in many different sectors.
For example, the world's largest Stacker machine belongs to Evertz. It was developed to meet the increasing demands of handling heavier and heavier loads and was commissioned by Evertz in October 2014 to handle both hot and cold steel slabs in Germany.

Application possibility:

Transporting 50 tonne mega steel slabs with a length of 12 m - a width of 2.7 m - a thickness of 0.35 m and with temperature of up to 800°C

Lifting capacity

  • 65 tonnes at 4.0 m load center - in travelling mode
  • 65 tonnes at 5.0 m load center – standing still

Equipped with

  • an electric lifting magnet for material up to 500°C
  • hydraulic tongs for hot product handling up to 800°C

The special driver's cab can be raised by several meters, improving and widening visibility, e.g. an key feature when loading insulation boxes.
Maximum stability is guaranteed by the wheelbase of 9.25 m.