Another service Evertz offers is CNC machining by milling. We can process different materials up to 10 000 mm long and 1200 mm wide.
This is typically undertaken on very special material grades such as titanium and zirconium alloys.
The dimensions of the slabs are approximately 160 x 900 x 8 000 mm with a unit weight up to 7 500 kg. These products are machined according to the accurate tolerances defined by each e customer. The surface of the slab must be metallically bright, mirror finished and of course free of defects!

Caution is required when milling, as the titanium chips are highly flammable when sparks fly - there is a serious risk of fire which must be managed! The chips produced must be stored in hazardous drums/containers according to the individual batches or alloy grades.
Furthermore, the larger products are processed on our Soraluce milling machines.